Scentransport, turnestransport
Turnéservice och scenteknisk suppor. Riksteatern.
transport scenutrustning

Tour transport and stage set transport

Tour logistics

You work with touring artists – perhaps a rock band, a chamber orchestra, a dance company or a celebrated theatre ensemble.

When the curtain goes down, your thoughts are already on tomorrow’s performance in another city, or another country.

When we take care of your tour transport, an experienced crew is on hand to load up and transport your production to a city, a port or an airport. We are IATA agents, which means we can head all the way into the airport, where the pallets will be ready and waiting. The export papers and customs clearance for air and sea freight will already be sorted. We have agents all over the world, so whatever your destination, we will be ready to do it all again.

Your artists, your actors or your crew can thus wake up safe in the knowledge that the tools of their trade will be ready for yet another performance.

MTAB tour logistics offers you tour transport for touring artists in dance, music transport and theater scene and stage set transport.


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