Konsttransporter av konst och skulptur till konstgalleri Artipelag i Stockholm
Konsttransporter och transport av skulpturer
Specialtransporter till konstgallerier av tavlor och taveltransporter
Montering av konstverk och transport av konst
Montage av konst och konsttransport
Montering av konst och skulptur på Artipelag konsthall
Grönlandsval från Köpenhamn med lastbil till konstmuseet Louisiana

Art transport & transport of paintings

Fine Art Logistics

The transportation of art and invaluable works of art and exhibits requires high levels of care, knowledge and discretion. Our art handlers have extensive experience of not only transporting, but also packaging and hanging up paintings as well as installing heavy sculptures. We also offer an exhibition service, which assumes responsibility for packing and unpacking of complete exhibitions, and follows touring exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Vehicles used to transport your pieces are climate-controlled and specially equipped to meet the industry’s strictest demands down to the smallest detail.

For international assignments, MTAB is the only Swedish representative in the global body known as ICEFAT. As well as creating opportunities to deliver to a level of quality corresponding to our own even in the rest of the world, it is also a guarantee of our continued status as the Nordic region’s leading company in the handling of art.


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Art transport and transport of paintings