Transportservice, transport teknisk utrustning
Cyklotron, transport och installation medicinteknisk utrustning
transport teknisk utrustning
Transport av maskiner

high tech logistics

When you’re responsible for moving fragile, heavy, valuable and bulky technical equipment, unique demands arise.

You want to have the product in place, ready for use.

Our employees are trained to install and configure your products. If you need special packaging we manufacture it, or we execute transportation with no packaging whatsoever. You want to focus on your business, which is why we can take care of your transportation and all of the unique needs that come with it. From initial concept to finished installation.

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50 years in this business have made us one of the leading transporters of technical and sensitive equipment in the Nordic region. MTAB High Tech logistics handles transportation, storage, installation and configuration of products and equipment in many different industries.