Tree trunks, forestry equipment and aurochs to The Green Museum

MTAB Det Grønne MuseumMTAB Det Grønne MuseumMTAB Det Grønne MuseumMTAB Det Grønne MuseumMTAB Det Grønne Museum

Large tree trunks, old forestry equipment and stuffed aurochs travelled together in MTAB’s art lorries, when more than 23 000 objects were moved to The Green Museum in Auning.

In January 2017, the old Hunting and Forestry Museum in Hørsholm merged with the Agricultural Museum in Auning. The result was The Green Museum, a place where visitors can gain insight into the role hunting, the forest and agriculture has played throughout history. All under one roof.

In advance of the move, the museum contacted a number of different logistics suppliers but in the end, the decision was made to go with MTAB.

Peter Bavnshøj, museumsinspektør for Det Grønne MuseumWe had not worked with MTAB previously, but had heard lots of positive things about them from other museums in Denmark. From talking to MTAB, we felt they really understood what our needs were and have the all-round expertise needed to handle special logistics,

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