Transportation of computer equipment – quality throughout the process

Transport of computer equipment - Moving data centre

Our digital lifestyle comes with an increased demand for computing capacity. When international actors are looking to establish data centres, the Nordic countries are at the top of the list. Our cold climate, combined with stable access to renewable energy, is a major advantage. The wave of data centres being established is something we at MTAB have clearly noticed due to an increasing number of transportation enquiries with added value services. We now present our recipe for flexible and safe transport of computer equipment.

Thorough on-site inspection

Transportation of technical equipment requires thorough planning and preparation. By inspecting the intake conditions on site, we ensure that your electronic equipment arrives in the right place at the right time without unforeseen obstacles.

Secure storage

We handle the storage of your equipment which means it is ready for delivery at a time that suits you. Coordinated logistics streamlines the process, minimises lead times and ensures secure storage. We have 27 000 square metres of storage space at your disposal. Your equipment is stored at security level 3 in climate-controlled premises at our high-security warehouses, which are guarded around the clock.

With or without packaging

Server racks are sensitive equipment that require careful handling. Our vehicles are well suited to moving sensitive material and our drivers are very experienced in handling technical equipment. This is why we often transport goods unpackaged. When we transport goods unpackaged, you do not have to deal with boxes and cardboard, we do that for you! We ensure that the material is sorted and recycled, which is also more environmentally friendly.

If your equipment is to be transported a long distance, packaging may be a necessary safety precaution. In such cases, we can offer special packaging manufacturing in our own workshops. We also take care of the used packaging and ensure that everything is recycled.

Quality throughout the process

When you need to arrange delivery of servers, you need to feel safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of the entire process. Regardless of whether you are moving a data centre or replacing existing servers, you have to be able to focus fully on your core business. We ensure that your server racks are transported and positioned in the right place so that your servers are “ready to serve”.

Time to replace servers?

Few things are as valuable as information. In conjunction with GDPR coming into force on 25 May, tougher requirements are being placed on the secure management of data. When you need to replace your old servers, we can ensure that all the information is destroyed. You will receive a certificate of destruction so that you can feel entirely certain that no information will find its way into the wrong hands.

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