Transport of demonstration medical devices

Ultraljud SÖSUltraljud till SÖS

As digitalisation advances, increasingly advanced technology finds its way into society. Equipment that was previously limited to hospitals is now available in clinics and health centres around the country. Here at MTAB, we are noticing increased demand for transport and installation of demonstration equipment.

Medical devices used for demonstrations and training spend a lot of time on the roads. When hospitals, clinics or health centres are to be trained on or try out new devices, our customers lend their equipment out. All so that the equipment may be tested and evaluated by management and staff. The development of technology has also meant that devices are replaced frequently, which means that staff need to be trained on the new devices. This entails demonstration equipment often being on tour in Sweden and Europe in order to save both time and money.

Secure storage

We handle the storage of the demonstration equipment between visits to clinics, which means it is ready for delivery at a time that suits you. Coordinated logistics streamlines the process, minimises lead times and ensures secure storage of the equipment. MTAB offers more than 27 000 square metres of storage space in the Nordic countries. Your equipment is stored in climate-controlled premises at our security storage facility, which is guarded around the clock.

Temperature-controlled vehicles

Medical devices are sensitive, which is why we always use our specially adapted vehicles that are driven by trained and experienced staff. The vehicles are temperature-controlled and adapted to safely transport our customers’ products. The design of the cargo space means that we can offer secure transport of unpackaged products. Over 99 per cent of our consignments are transported completely undamaged.

Ready for use

Our assignment involves delivering to the intended location, to the place where the equipment is to be used. After our trained drivers have unwrapped the equipment, it is checked by starting up the system. Naturally we will take any packaging with us before leaving. All so that the medical device is ready for use straight after delivery.

On the road again

Demonstration equipment is often used for a shorter period of time. At the end of the demonstration period, we pick up the equipment on location and transport it to our storage facility. In order to ensure quality, the equipment is always cleaned and reset before it is prepared for delivery to the next customer. When needed, we can also store the equipment in our own high-security storage facility between deliveries.

Installation of X-ray systemCollaboration with leading suppliers

As the leading transporter of medical devices, we deliver and install demonstration equipment throughout the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. Examples of devices we transport are ultrasound, x-ray equipment, patient monitoring, incubators, microscopes and analytical instrument and associated peripherals. Our customers within this specific segment are the majority of well-known suppliers of medical devices.

Do you need help with transport and installation of medical devices or other sensitive equipment? Get in touch with our competent team within HighTech and we will tailor a solution that fits your exact needs.

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