We provide transport boxes for art
Transport boxes

Transport boxes and art packing

MTAB’s Packing Technology department produces various kinds of crates for the transportation and storage of works of art. Transport boxes for all your needs.

Facts about our crates

The frames of the crate are manufactured in plywood and the corners, lid and back are reinforced with extra plywood. which provides maximum protection against impact and distributes any force to prevent the crate from splitting. Each crate is coated with neopolene plastic. Then there are different procedures depending on the object to be transported: oil paintings, photos/graphics, ceramics or glass.

Specially built crates and transport boxes

MTAB’s packing masters and packing engineers often inspect artefacts on site in the museum before then building the crates for them at the joinery. The job is then completed by packing the artefacts and sealing the crates on site.

Certified packaging

MTAB has been approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture as a manufacturer of wooden packaging in accordance with the International Standard ISPM15. The EU will be introducing the new standard for wooden packaging in its common import regulations for the EU. A minimum requirement is that the wood is to be heat-treated so that the core reaches 56°C for at least 30 minutes to ensure the removal of any pests.

KD - Swedish Borad of Agriculure