General terms & conditions

If no other conditions are known or specified in the quotation or other price confirmation, the following applies:

  • As standard, the prices quoted include delivery with receipt and removal of packaging at the end customer within MTAB’s network. Deliveries to locations outside the network are made in consolidated shipments and by agreement. Special charges may be made for remote locations.
  • All prices are based on normal delivery conditions. Special charges may be added for carrying items on stairs, lifting by crane, the use of forklift trucks, etc.
  • There will be additional charges for working hours outside normal working days 08:00-16:00, as well as for any eventual waiting time beyond our control.
  • There are no fixed prices for islands without a fixed bridge connection, and MTAB quotes a price individually when requested.
  • The current fuel surcharge is added for transportation outside the local zone. For information about this, see page entitled The Fuel Surcharge
  • A congestion charge is added within customs zones to the order of SEK 40 per order. MTAB otherwise makes reservation for charges, taxes, etc. beyond our control.
  • The terms of payment are 30 days. After that, the interest on overdue payments fixed by law will be added.
  • Unless otherwise specified, prices are quoted in SEK excluding Value Added Tax.
  • MTAB applies the liability provisions of NSAB2000 which, among other things, limit MTAB’s liability and regulate any damage in accordance with the Swedish Road Transport Act. The client is responsible for maintaining cargo insurance for transportation and intermediate storage.