SwipBox parcel lockers ready for delivery

SwipBox has achieved great success with its parcel lockers, which allow consumers to collect parcels from a shop when it suits them best. We are now expanding our collaboration with SwipBox and will be sole manager for storage of their products.

Danish company SwipBox was founded in 2013 and specialises in managing package lockers for major distributors using systems installed in shops and shopping centres. Its business idea has been extremely successful, and increasing numbers of shops are installing systems at which consumers can collect their goods themselves.

In collaboration with SwipBox, we have developed comprehensive solutions in which we hold parcel lockers in storage, deliver them to shops and install them. Thus, everything that SwipBox needs is provided by a single operator. This is a service that saves the company both time and resources, since it does not need to coordinate and carry out the various components of the work itself.

The relentless growth of online shopping is making the package solutions provided by SwipBox more relevant than ever. As demand for its services increases, SwipBox is entrusting all storage of its products to us. We have 300 square metres of warehouse capacity ready for SwipBox systems as they wait to be delivered to a shop close to you.