SwipBox chooses total solution from MTAB

“MTAB stores our systems, transports them and installs them in one workflow. That saves time.”
Kaj Kaczmarek, Head of Services, SwipBox

SwipBox specialises in handling packages via package systems installed in stores and shopping centres. Since its establishment, SwipBox has expanded rapidly and the company now has a continuous need to install new systems.

“We have a total solution where MTAB keeps our systems in storage, transports them and installs them in one workflow,” explains Kaj Kaczmarek, Head of Services at SwipBox. “We used to have to coordinate everything ourselves, but thanks to this solution we save both time and resources.”

MTAB has been responsible for the solution in Sweden for some time, and now they will also be working in Denmark. “MTAB is one of the partners that can support our expansion across borders,” concludes Kaj Kaczmarek from SwipBox.

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