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MTAB Art storage mployee

When you have art and technology to move, our job is to think both inside and outside the box. Unique objects require unique solutions. That is why we custom-make our packaging in our own workshop based on your needs.

If you need to transport technology or art, we will, if necessary, carry out an on-site visual inspection of your objects. We then, in agreement with you, ensure that transport boxes are built specifically for your consignment.

Custom manufacture in our own workshop

MTAB emballage för specialtransport

We not only have our own transport vehicles, we also make your packaging in our own workshop. This gives us full control throughout the

entire process. When you place an order to move sensitive equipment, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we only use high-quality materials.

Environmentally certified plywood

We only use environmentally certified plywood that is painted with water soluble paint. Furthermore, our entire production is powered by environmentally certified electricity
from wind power and hydroelectric power, something we are very proud of.

Your needs, our packaging

Transport of sensitive equipment requires flexibility, no task is too difficult, too complicated or too sensitive for us. No two boxed are the same, and we can manufacture everything from minimal boxes to very large ones.

We also transport unpackaged objects

High-Tech LogisticsFor example, when transporting medical technology equipment, we often transport without packaging. Our vehicles are well adapted to transporting fragile goods and our drivers are very experienced in handling technical equipment.

Packaged or unpackaged – your objects are always in safe hands!

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We are happy to help you with transport, installation and storage or your art or technical equipment.

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