MTAB sponsors Skokloster Summer Institute

Skokloster Summer Institute

MTAB is proud to be a sponsor of Skokloster Summer Institute, a workshop that is part of the Conservation Canvas Initiative. The purpose of the workshop is for participants to reflect on contemporary and historical practices involved in the conservation of paintings.

Skokloster Summer Institute wants to promote the understanding of which factors have an impact on the conservation of paintings on canvas, how different materials age and what the effects of different conservation measures are. Skokloster Castle’s own collections, which have been stored for centuries in a controlled climate, give participants a unique opportunity to study, analyse and evaluate conservation methods.

National Historical Museums are behind this initiative is, with support from the Getty Foundation. MTAB has a long-term collaboration with National Historical Museums and Skokloster, and works actively to raise awareness of and support initiatives that are important to the propagation and conservation of art.

Jessica ÅhlgrenConservators’ role and knowledge is so important to the conservation of art and our cultural heritage. We are happy to support initiatives that promote the development of knowledge and research that allows the art to live on,

says Jessica Åhlgren, Manager Museum & Exhibition Services


Meet our conservator

Elisabeth GeijerAs a conservator at MTAB, Elisabeth Geijer’s work involves making assessments of the condition of the art and finding solutions that are appropriate for specific artworks. Art can have different needs in terms of handling, installation, packaging or storage – it is here that Elisabeth ensures that everything is conducted in accordance with current standards and the latest research.

Elisabeth has a support function within MTAB’s operations, and both employees and customers can turn to her with queries regarding the handling and conservation of art. Together with Jessica, she also offers courses for couriers.


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