Public Movement turns Pustervig Torv into a disaster area

Several bodies were found in the rubble of what can only be described as a disaster area at Pustervig Torv in Aarhus on 18 and 19 August. This disaster, however, had been staged by the Israeli dance group Public Movement. No-one was hurt during the performance.

It was, to say the least, a remarkable order that MTAB received – to transport and install Rescue, a dance performance. Rescue takes place in the aftermath of an unspecified disaster, and can be described as a political dance that depicts the never-ending preparations for inevitable destruction. MTAB worked with Public Movement for four months to prepare the arrangement at Pustervig Torv in Aarhus. The company used an area of 60 square metres and put on the performance four times a day. Saving lives was united with a street party when Public Movement celebrated the human intimacy that can be created during an appalling disaster.
Jørgen Jul Jensen

“Preparing the site of the disaster presented exciting challenges that posed high demands for coordination, planning and creative problem-solving”,

says Jørgen Jul Jensen, country manager for MTAB Denmark.


Communication with our employees and Public Movement took place over a video link. Two mobile cranes and detailed 3D drawings allowed concrete elements weighing several tonnes to be placed with high precision. The installation was completed without any unexpected problems in 12 hours, thanks to our skilled employees Jan K. Jørgensen and Jesper Bøtcher.

“Thanks so much for making our dream come true. You and your team are the BEST!”,

was the response from Public Movement’s project manager, Adi Nachmann.

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