Styrning av temperatur och relativ luftfuktighet i våra konstbilar

Specially constructed vehicles for art transportation

We can handle and transport paintings, sculptures, antiquities, exclusive furniture and other fragile objects in our specially built vehicles.

These vehicles come with climate control, full air suspension, GPS monitoring, alarm systems, etc. Some of our vehicles have a height-adjustable roof and extra large side doors so that we can load large works upright. We have also built in an additional seat for a courier in the driver’s cab, and one of our trucks has two courier seats.

The world’s most modern art truck from MTAB

The world’s leading museums demand nothing less than fully equipped transport vehicles where the temperature and climate can be adjusted to the required levels.

Our new truck is packed with new technical solutions and designed to accommodate not only two couriers but extra large works of art as well, since the truck has inside clearance of three metres, well above the standard. The tail lift has a capacity of three tonnes and is 2.6 m long, which is also unusually generous.

Constant climate

The vehicle is built to maintain a constant internal climate, whatever the weather outside. Air humidity and temperature can be set to whatever the customer requests, with four climate zones and five thermostats controlling the temperature. The driver and couriers can monitor conditions in the different zones from a display in the driver’s cab. And the levels can be monitored remotely from our head office in Bromma.

The truck is equipped with two heating units and two dehumidifiers, plus nine fans in the ceiling that circulate the heat and the air around the cargo space. The fans can be moved along tracks in the ceiling for optimum circulation.

Greater security

The walls of the truck are reinforced with sheet metal and MTAB has had double locking systems installed, with the courier carrying one of the keys. We also use GPS positioning systems and geofencing, where the route is entered in advance and any deviations from the route are reported to a security company and in some cases the police. The crew also carries the usual personal attack alarms.

We are absolutely certain that MTAB’s new vehicle is the most modern, most secure art truck on the market.

Modern vehicles for transporting fragile goods

MTAB has one of Sweden’s most modern fleets, and our trucks are replaced regularly with more modern, more eco-friendly models.

All our vehicles, both local and long-distance, have specialist equipment that enables us to transport various products unpacked. Several of our vehicles have climate control and full air suspension, and are specially equipped with a number of tools to ensure that your sensitive products travel extremely safely and securely. Combined with the knowledge of our drivers, this ensures that products travel extremely safely and securely.

To increase security for both the driver and your goods, we have installed not only GPS surveillance, but also burglar alarms, attack alarms, gas alarms and portable personal alarms in all vehicles. The control centre can monitor exactly where the vehicles are through GPS positioning and GSM communication. The attack alarm is linked directly to emergency call centres via the international security company Securitas.

We have a fleet management system with functions such as localisation (tracking), zone alarms, messaging functions, positioning and vehicle data. The driver has access to data during transport, positioning, alarms, personal attack alarms, route planning, journey times, messaging functions and an integral GSM phone with handsfree function.

Transporting fragile goods