MTAB invests in CleanTruck

Although trucks account for just five to ten per cent of all traffic in Stockholm, they are responsible for almost half of the environmental impact caused by traffic. The CleanTruck project is allowing the City of Stockholm, together with IDS and AGA Gas AB as well as haulage companies and truck suppliers, to pave the way for climate-neutral transportation.

CleanTruck is based on the establishment of service stations for renewable truck fuel and on testing and demonstration of new kinds of green trucks. A total of around 80 green trucks will be purchased, run and evaluated as part of the project.

Konstbilden Volvo FLL 240

MTAB is taking part in the CleanTruck project with our new Volvo FLL 240 art truck, which runs on a mixture of diesel and biogas. It is fully equipped for art handling, with a courier seat, air suspension, blanket-lined sides, a camera in the cargo compartment, etc. The vehicle will be adorned with the CleanTruck logo, and drivers will receive training on frugal driving.