MTAB 50th anniversary

MTAB 50th anniversary

This year, 2018, is an anniversary for MTAB – we celebrate 50 active years on the market.

Everything started in Stockholm in 1968 with a transportation solution for sensitive products difficult to transport. The operations got off to a good start and came to be significant within transportation of museum objects and sensitive computer equipment. IBM and a larger museum were among the first clients – two markets that have been closely connected to the operations since then.

MTAB 50th anniversary
In the 1970s MTAB and Stefan Fors’ work included export goods handling of Siemens-Elema products for export to the Soviet Union
MTAB 50th anniversary
One of the first vehicles for the company, a Scania 80 Super.

Stefan Fors became CEO and owner in 1981. The services were developed and MTAB came to be the leading Nordic supplier within the industry. Lorries were purchased, staff was hired and contracts for warehouses were signed.

The services were based on the initial idea to transport sensitive products but the services were expanded to a client focused overall solution with transportation, handling and storage.

the “big computer” by IBM
In the early 70s IBM developed the “big computer”, which demanded extensive transport capacity. Heavy machinery that was transported all over Europe. MTAB transported punched-card machines and magnetic tape readers during a period when main storage was core storage and memory capacity was measured in kilobytes.
MTAB 50th anniversary
Rank Xerox 860 was one of the very first word processors on the market (long before Microsoft Word). A full week of training was needed for the end user to be able to operate the machine. Rank Xerox 860 was a very extensive commission for MTAB in the early 80s.

MTAB 50th anniversary
IBM’s big and super computers were extensively developed during the 1980s. The need for upgrades increased rapidly and all the machinery was then replaced with new equipment. This created a significant market for MTAB, both nationally and internationally.

MTAB 50th anniversary
Transportation of CF Hill and Edvard Munch exhibition to Malmö Museum in 1987.

Transportation of the Terracotta Army
Transportation of the Terracotta Army in 1984. The imperial army was exhibited at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities only ten years after the farmer Yang was digging for a new well and found one of the 20th century’s largest archaeological discoveries.

In 1994 MTAB established its operations in Gothenburg and the strategy to become a national supplier was set out. A significant expansion was carried out in the early 2000s. MTAB was established in Denmark in 2008 and those operations celebrate ten successful years on the market in 2018.

After 30 years as CEO Stefan Fors handed over the leadership to his son Simon Fors who continued the Nordic expansion to Norway and Finland.


“We currently see a great need for services in addition to the actual logistics. It regards everything from installation services and work on location to project management and great technical knowledge”

says Simon Fors.
Transport Egyptisk sarkofag
Egyptian sarcophagus under storage with MTAB.
Installations of MedTech-equipment
MTAB performs mechanical installations of everything from advanced MedTech-equipment to treadmills and copy machines.

Technology, knowledge, craftsmanship and a willingness to meet the needs of the client has resulted in many innovative solutions throughout the years.

Unpacking of exhibitions, paintings
Unpacking an exhibition at Artipelag.


“That’s the vein we want to continue in. The market has developed from the start and we have developed with it. We always want to work close to our customers and continue developing our offers in line with the existing needs. Now we look back with pride and celebrate 50 years. At the same time it signifies a look towards the future and new solutions on the market”

says Simon Fors.