Mindful Portraits – Viggo Wallensköld returns to France

The Track (1), 2014, 180 x 140 cm, Coll. of the artist
The Track (1), 2014, 180 x 140 cm, Coll. of the artist

Maison Louis Carré, Mindful Portraits. 23/9–25/11 2018.

Perfect people, do they really exist? In the exhibition Mindful Portraits, Finnish artist Viggo Wallensköld directs our gaze towards human imperfection.

Mindful Portraits at Maison Louis Carré is Wallensköld’s first exhibition in France since 2005. Behind seemingly classical portraits, odd deviations and abnormalities appear. Alienation and gender identity are recurring themes.

MTAB Fine Art Logistics was responsible for the collection and transportation of the 23 portraits in the exhibition. The works have been collected from a number of museums and private lenders and have been transported from Finland to France.


Read more about the exhibition: Mindful Portraits.




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