Kasper Eistrup’s Spider Returns to Axel Towers

Kasper Eistrup The Spider

Kasper Eistrup’s painting The Spider has now crept back to its lair in the reception of Axel Towers. Most recently, this piece was part of Kasper Eistrup’s exhibition Fragmentarium at Frederiksborg Castle, where old and new paintings and installations were on display.

Kasper Eistrup The SpiderOn behalf of the legal firm Gorrissen Federspiel, MTAB was responsible for the transportation and installation of art during the official opening of Axel Towers in 2017. This spectacular commission involved transporting pieces by Kasper Eistrup all the way up to the 10th floor.

Now that it is time for The Spider to return from Frederiksborg Castle, MTAB was put in charge once again. The Spider is now hanging safely in the reception again.

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