Jean-Marie Appriou’s dromedary moving to Rungsted

Jean-Marie AppriouA sculpture of a dromedary and its mirror image has been installed at Weco in Rungsted. Created by the French sculptor Jean-Marie Appriou, the work was originally intended to be anchored directly to the ground. But employee Jørgen Damlund, who was responsible for the installation, wanted to be able to assure the customer that the fascinating creature would stand strong in all weather. We had a stable foundation built, where the sculpture would be anchored to the ground using cast iron.

The dromedary, or “Looking from the Top of the Acacia”, as the work is called, is an example of Appriou’s unique artistic process: It was carved out of wax, coated with plaster, then cast in aluminium. Originally, the work was part of a caravan of four dromedaries, which has been admired by audiences around the world.

Jean-Marie Appriou Jean-Marie Appriou