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Good procedures and extensive experience provides the best conditions for secure transport. However, transporting technical equipment and art objects is always associated with risk. A “goods in transit insurance policy” covers your product in the event of any damage.

As a carrier, MTAB has a carrier’s liability insurance policy in accordance with NSAB 2000. This provides compensation for damage that we, as a carrier, are responsible for and this compensation is based on the weight of the shipment. In the events that something occurs during transport, you, as a customer, should take out a goods in transit insurance policy based on the full value of your product.

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Goods in transit insurance

Carrier’s liability insurance

  • Carrier’s liability insurance is always included during transport.
  • To receive compensation, an investigation needs to show that MTAB caused the damage. The compensation only applies to the part of the shipment that was damaged.
  • The carrier’s liability insurance is pursuant to provisions in NSAB 2000, with the limitation and exception of Sections 6, 20 and 27 C, point 3, paragraph 1.
  • This insurance also includes cabotage within the EU/EFTA.
    For domestic transport in Denmark, the insurance applies in accordance with the CMR Convention. For countries that have no national rules on limitation rights for carriers, the insurance applies in accordance with the CMR Convention.

Goods in transit insurance

MTAB is happy to help you obtain goods in transit insurance
via our insurance company Länsförsäkringar.

  • Goods in transit insurance is an insurance policy that you,
    as a customer, chooses to take out and that provides
    compensation in the event of damage to or loss of physical
    goods that may occur during transport.
  • Provides compensation for damage regardless of whether
    MTAB caused this or not.
  • Provides compensation for damage up to the full value of
    the product.
  • Applies without an excess.
  • Is valid throughout the transport.
  • MTAB provides the insurance via Länsförsäkringar.

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Goods in transit insurance

Third party insurance for service and installation

MTAB’s third party insurance for service and installation covers a maximum of SEK 10m per instance of damage.


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