MTAB High Tech Logistics manages and transports sensitive, heavy and bulky technical and medical equipment in custombuilt vehicles. Our vehicles are adapted for the Nordic climate and have a high level of security.

Our vehicles have the capacity to cope with larger objects. The vehicles have full air suspension and are specially equipped to safely transport all types of technical equipment, even unpackaged. The tail lifts have a capacity of three tonnes and are designed to minimise vibrations during loading and unloading.

Temperature-controlled cargo
Our vehicles can maintain a constant temperature with optimum distribution, regardless of the weather. Humidity and temperature are set and monitored by the driver and ourier from the driver’s cab. During journeys in Europe, there is an unbroken chain as we collaborate with thermally insulated terminals.

Our vehicles have reinforced intrusion protection, personal alarms and security certified locking systems. A GPS system with geofencing is installed, into which the route is pre-installed
and any deviations from this raise an alarm at the security company. The cargo is also monitored via a screen in the driver’s cab.

Our drivers are experienced specialists in the transportation of sensitive and bulky technical equipment.

MTAB strives to exclusively use the renewable and fossil-free fuel HVO100 in order to reduce our carbon emissions. Our vehicles meet all requirements for loading and unloading in
both national and international environmental zones.