Fitness equipment installation and transport

Fitness & rehab equipment

Transport and installation of equipment for wellness, fitness and rehab

MTAB High Tech Logistics offers logistic services for equipment in wellness, fitness and rehab. We have extensive experience of handling large and heavy exercise machines for gyms, fitness and rehab centres. As a complete supplier we make sure that your products are delivered, assembled and installed with great care, precision and expertise.

We can help you with everything from planning and transport to installation as well as waste disposal and recycling of your old equipment. Of course, we also collect your old products when we deliver the new ones.

By letting MTAB High Tech Logistics handle and install your equipment you can create a cohesive transport chain from first order to commissioning. The result is efficient logistics with project coordination and timely delivery with no disturbances in your work flow.

  • Delivery, installation and waste disposal
  • Collection and recycling of old equipment
  • Handling of studio equipment
  • Briefing of equipment with instructor
  • Storage of equipment
  • Exhibitions, events and tours
  • Handling of large product launches

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50 years in this business have made us one of the leading transporters of technical and sensitive equipment in the Nordic region. MTAB High Tech logistics handles transportation, storage, installation and configuration of products and equipment in many different industries.