IT-sektionen, Meddisinsk teknik
Transport of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Cyclotron transport and installation

Installation and transport of dental and medical equipment

Transport of medical technology equipment

MTAB High Tech Logistics specialises in handling dental and medical equipment. We help our customers with transport and installation as well as configuration highly sensitive equipment. Handling medical equipment such as x-ray machines and dental equipment requires great care and a lot of technical expertise. Both our drivers and engineering teams are specially trained in the area so that you can rest assured that MTAB will get the job done without problems.

For transport of medical equipment and medical technology transport, we use special vehicles. The trucks are designed specifically for transport of temperature sensitive and unpacked equipment. MTAB High Tech Logistics has extensive experience of transporting and installing medical equipment such as CT-scanners, MR-scanners, Cyclotron installation, X-ray system / equipment and lab instruments.

MTAB can also help with storage at several locations in Sweden. Our storage facilities are secure and temperature controlled.

By letting MTAB High Tech Logistics handle and install your equipment you can create a cohesive transport chain, from first order to commissioning. The result is efficient logistics with project coordination and timely delivery with no disturbances in your work flow.

  • Delivery to specified location
  • Collection and recycling of old equipment
  • Mechanical installation
  • Decontamination, data clearance and clean zones
  • Secure storage
  • Engineering teams in the whole Nordic region
  • Management of leasing and demo equipment

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50 years in this business have made us one of the leading transporters of technical and sensitive equipment in the Nordic region. MTAB High Tech logistics handles transportation, storage, installation and configuration of products and equipment in many different industries.