Return trip to Peru with Inca treasures

It is 50 years since Inca gold artefacts were last exhibited in Stockholm. “The Incas–gold treasures in the cavern” have been borrowed from 15 different museums in Peru and were transported to the Skeppsholmen Caverns via Amsterdam by MTAB.

“Everyone watching was pretty breathless when the crates of gold were opened”, wrote DN’s Marcus Boldeman.

Just like China’s Terracotta Army, the exhibition fills two of the tunnels under Skeppsholmen, but the exhibition area is now been extended to include a third cavern where visitors can gain a separate introduction to the treasures by means of film and maps. Of course, the contents of the 40 large crates containing a total of 26 cubic metres of grave goods which were flown in from Lima to Amsterdam and then transported to Sweden by MTAB dominate the show. In all, 284 loaned objects are on show, mainly gold artefacts dating from before Columbus’ arrival in South America and Pizarro’s conquest of the Inca Empire. Even older mummies, textiles and ceramics are on display besides the Inca culture. The exhibition will be the first of its type to exhibit gold artefacts from so many museums in Peru.



MTAB’s job involved transported the Inca gold from Peru to the Netherlands by air and then secure transportation of the artefacts to Stockholm. As several museums were involved in the loan, an art truck from the Netherlands, with dual courier seats, was used. Weather protection for loading to the museum was erected at the cavern.