Museum of Spirits on the move

12 400 artefacts were archived when the Museum of Wines & Spirits changed its name and moved to Djurgården. The artefacts have been transported to Värmland for storage, and the wines disappeared from the name of the museum, which is now known as the Museum of Spirits.

On 31 May 2011, the Museum of Wines & Spirits closed the doors at its Dalagatan premises in Stockholm. The packing of archives and museum collections had already begun. Packing and transportation of practically the entire museum took place over the summer. Objects and some interiors were packed and transported to special rock shelters in Karlskoga.

“We have shipped 19 large trailers full of artefacts, says Marcus Havljung, who was MTAB’s project manager for the move. Everything from bottles of punsch to large industrial artefacts were packed up and sent off.”

Eva Lenneman, a curator who is responsible for the museum’s collection, worked together with colleague Anna Oswaldson on moving the artefacts to Karlskoga, where 850 square metres of space are available. The move was well prepared from the museum’s side, and all items were registered in the object database. All objects also have a specific inventory number and a specific shelf placement. This made it easy to unpack the items at the corresponding shelf location in the new repository.

“As there are not many of us working at the museum, it was important for MTAB to take full control of project, taking responsibility for all packing, transport and unpacking”

The most complicated thing about the move, according to Marcus Havljung at MTAB, was the dismantling of the larger industrial objects.

“There were also a number of rooms at the museum which were built in situ and where the descriptions for the rooms were no longer available. Dismantling these rooms took a little longer.”
On the last day of August, the final objects were in place in Karlskoga and registered in the database.
“We have felt assured, and everything has worked well throughout the moving process” says Eva.