Carl Hökfelt – Business can always benefit from fun!

Carl Hökfelt

A genuine desire to grow and exceed customers’ expectations is a great recipe for success, but the most important ingredient is to have fun in your daily work, says Carl Hökfelt, new business area manager at MTAB High Tech Logistics.

When I came to MTAB, I was struck by the company’s genuine desire to improve and further develop its services. The customers’ needs make up a natural part of our business development. And this focus is increasingly important in an industry with intense competition.

The job is about more than just transporting a product from point A to point B – our job is to truly understand what our customers need. To build long-term relationships, we need to stay at the leading edge and keep honing our value proposition and service level.

I’ve spent the past decade working with environmental services and recycling, which has given me the opportunity to try out a wide array of roles. One common theme, and something I’ve always been passionate about, is having a keen focus on business.

We’re here for our customers – and for each other too

Another aspect is the importance of having fun in your job. In a fast-paced workday, it’s easy to forget to take a moment to enjoy yourself. When we all work like a team, though, something magic happens. A positive attitude opens your eyes to the opportunities in most everything, and that’s when we can deliver that extra something special to our customers.

I look forward to a very exciting journey with MTAB. We’re evolving all the time, and I really like that!

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