Body fixation and dark legacies – K-Special with Zeipel and Wallin

SVT:s series of cultural documentaries K-Special invites you to follow Swedish artists Cajsa von Zeipel and Magnus Wallin’s journey to Rome in search of inspiration. Both of them have the human body as an artistic focus. Cajsa has become known for her oversized sculptures of women in plaster and Jesmonite. Her art can be described as a contribution to the debate on hierarchies and power structures, as well as art history’s idealised images of women. Her tall, narrow sculptures in particular stimulate discussion on the issue of body fixation among young women.

Markus Wallin is known for his startling films featuring skeletons and skinned bodies. His art is rooted in illustrations from medical history, showcasing a dark legacy of the Swedish welfare state’s normalising of the human body. The documentary enables you to take part in their search for expressions of power, passion and death – a constant source of artistic inspiration.

Where are your artworks headed?

We have extensive experience of transporting artworks, and provide both packaging and installation of paintings and sculptures. We took care of the transport and installation of all the artworks for Cajsa von Zeipel’s “Seconds in Ecstasy” exhibition at the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

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