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Konsttransport ArkDes Framtiden börjar här
Radical Love. A genetic portrait of Chelsea Manning created by Heather Dewey-Hagborg. Photo: Johan Dehlin

How does the design and technology of today affect our lives and what impact do they have on the creation of our future? In The Future Starts Here, ArkDes is presenting the visitor with a vision of what the future might look like with the aid of 80 different projects; everything from intelligent machines to satellites.

MTAB has been responsible for transporting the exhibition The Future Starts Here from the V&A in London to ArkDes in Stockholm. Among the 80 different exhibition objects are innovations such as “the doomsday vault”, a seed vault that stores seeds from all over the world. Visitors can also explore electronic muscles and look at cryonics kits that make it possible to freeze a body and perhaps revive it in future.

The Future Starts Here is open until 4 August.
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