Archinfo Takes Finnish Architecture to Venice

MTAB Archinfo Helsinki-Central-Library-by-ALA-top-floor-from-south-MJ-660x440
Top floor of the future Helsinki Central Library by ALA Architects.

Archinfo Finland is for the first time responsible for Finland’s participation in the Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition. During the exhibition, the Finnish Pavilion will be transformed into a temporary library. MTAB is participating as a collaboration partner and has contributed by providing art logistics to Venice.

The theme of this year’s biennale is “Freespace”, which is about facilitating the inspirational use of public space and buildings. Archinfo Finland’s contribution is the exhibition “Mind Build”, which investigates the development of Finnish library architecture.

As an official partner, MTAB has been responsible for the packaging and transportation of all material for the exhibition, which has included both interiors and architectonic objects. A total of 32 consignments were transported from Finland to Venice, with a total weight of 2 350 kilos.

During the exhibition, various library buildings from the 18th century and onwards are presented, highlighting the special architecture and qualities of each of them. But it also looks to the future. The construction of Helsinki’s new central library is highlighted in order to broaden the perspective on the library of the future.

Finland’s architects have given the library its aesthetic form and therefore been involved in participating in transmitting the social vitality of the library for its user community using their own artistic discipline, by architectural means. Our exhibition is a tribute to the library’s architect and a reminder of the good era of architecture and power exceeding time and place,

tells curator of the exhibition’s point of departure, architectural critic and researcher Anni Vartola.

Alvar Aalto’s pavilion becomes a library

MTAB Archinfo Pavilion_of_Finland_8_Photo_by_Ugo_Carmeni
Pavilion of Finland. photo: Ugo Carmeni

The Finnish pavilion was designed by Alvar Aalto and erected in the Venice Giardini in 1956. Today it is a protected piece of cultural heritage and one of the most well-known buildings in the Giardini. Every other year, there are exhibitions that focus on either art or architecture, and this year the theme is architecture. An important part of the exhibition is the functionality of the library. Over the next two years, visitors can find literature in the pavilion or download it in a digital format.


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