An auction for a bigger world

Moderna Museet - En Större Värld
Daniel Birnbaum, museum director at Moderna Museet, and Ann-Sofi Noring, co-director at Moderna Museet, with the work Muttsu no ana (“Six Holes”) by Japanese artist Saburo Murakami. Photograph: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet’s project “A Bigger World” aspires to build bridges between cultures, using art as a medium. In order to make it possible for the museum to acquire works from all corners of the world, several people, together with Friends of Moderna Museet, arranged an event in Stockholm to support the project. Fourteen works were presented at the auction, all of which were sold.

Katarina Swanström, Moderna MuseetWe are extremely gratified by the amazing support we have received for the project “A Bigger World” from leading international artists, donors such as Friends of Moderna Museet and American Friends, and private individuals. The auction was a great success and provided a major financial impetus for this important initiative – opening up to a wider world,

says Katarina Swanström, Head of Development at Moderna Museet.

The project “A Bigger World” is intended to make the operations and collection at Moderna Museet more relevant from a global perspective. For work to develop the Swedish national collection, the museum has requested SEK 10 million from the government in order to acquire works of art from around the world.

“We see this as an important project, so we decided to assist with transporting the works from sites in Europe and the United States.” —Simon Fors, CEO of MTAB