Aarhus transformed into a laboratory for cultural creativity

As a transport company whose ambition is to spread art and culture just as much as we ever can, we are – of course – proud to be part of the European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017.

2017 is a big year for Aarhus. Together with Region Midtjylland and 18 other municipalities, the region has taken on the mantle of European Capital of Culture. We are participating in the project and are, for example, working with art projects in several areas.

The European Capital of Culture is an initiative taken by the EU Council of Ministers, intended to increase the integration of the EU’s population. One or several cities are each year given the opportunity to display and develop their cultural life. We have been involved with most of the art transport and installation projects throughout the year. We have, for example, looked after the installation for the Israeli dance group Public Movement for their spectacular performance Rescue, and transported works by the British song artist Anohni.

Aarhus 2017 is one of the most significant cultural projects in Denmark and has brought increased opportunities to invest in Aarhus and Region Midtjylland, for many different actors. The initiative, however, is principally concerned with sowing the seeds of change and creativity. Aarhus intends that the project slogan Let’s Rethink will profile the region as a cultural laboratory in which creative solutions can arise.

The collaboration has an extremely high cultural significance for the region, and offers many advantages for our current and future operations. One of these is the further opportunities we have gained for offering quality-enhancing services to museums on Jutland. We have also seen a noticeable increase in the demand for our expertise in western Denmark: the project is a platform on which we can create a foundation for further expansion in the region. Not least, Aarhus 2017 means that we can spread experiences of art to a broader audience, while opening at the same time for future collaboration.

Jørgen Jul JensenThere are great opportunities for the long-term effects of building cross-relationships, so that the collaboration can continue after the European Capital of Culture year, and enabling us to establish common reference frameworks and become better at working together and conducting new projects,