On tour with the the National Theatre Company

MTAB’s tour service department works with the National Theatre Company for most of their productions. The MTAB photographer was present when the production entitled “En stjärt på himlen” started its autumn tour from the National Theatre Company in Stockholm.

The production “En stjärt på himlen” was a continuation of the tour taking place in the spring of 2010, and ran for a brief time between 28 August and 16 September. – This year we visited Piteå, Hudiksvall, Södertälje, Karlshamn, Osby, Partille, Kungsbacka, Varberg and Enköping, explains Sten Jogbäck, the man responsible for Turnéservice – Tour Service – at MTAB. Sten Jogbäck of MTAB has spent more than 30 years working on a number of theatrical and stage commissions. It all started off with the National Theatre Company in 1978 and was followed up by Rocktåget in the 1980s and Roxette’s European tour in 1994-95, to name but a few examples. Over the years, hundreds of shows and concerts have travelled through Sweden and Europe, managed by Sten and his colleagues at what is now the MTAB office in Örebro.

“When MTAB got involved, the company stepped into much bigger shoes and took on board collective experience from both exhibition work and tour transportation”

“Now we also have an extended network which allows us to handle international tours” says Sten.

Stage support

The drivers at Turnéservice have years of experience and plenty of knowledge of the industry. They help to build sets, can handle follow spotlights, can adapt theatres and offer other stage support when so required. – For theatres and concerts, the time factor is absolutely vital, explains Sten. And we have not hours, but minutes in which to make sure a show can start on time. This is why all our transport assignments are carefully planned and assured, with outstanding backup services.

Various jobs

Turnéservice transports productions for the National Theatre Company, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Dancenet Sweden, and Swedish Travelling Exhibitions, among others. And we have been working for several years with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Concerts Sweden, Norrlandsoperan, Skånes Dansteater and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Customers also include event and rock arranger such as Live Media Group and SoundForce. We also handle international tours via our global network.



MTAB’s biggest concert truck has a capacity of 115 cubic metres and is specially equipped for fast, efficient loading and unloading of sets and show equipment. The company’s vehicle fleet includes a number of specially built larger trailers, as well as various kinds of truck, all fitted with heating units.